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Why Work With FPC Bangor?


In complete confidence, we can advise you on resume preparation, industry trends, available career opportunities, interview strategies, career planning, and the relocation process. We will serve as a confidential, non-biased, consultant throughout your search.



We offer...


Resume Preparation

  • Resume samples relevant to your industry, targeting specific companies or positions

  • Format suggestions

  • Identify quantifiable achievements

  • Keyword development


Career Planning

  • Non-biased, industry and company consulting

    • Will work to understand and meet your needs

    • No pressure to make a poor career move

  • Direct lines of communication to companies and hiring managers spanning multiple industries & disciplines nationwide.

  • Qualification of each potential position with you- making sure you understand job expectations, company profiles, benefits, etc.


Interview Strategies

  • To schedule and prepare you for interviews with our client companies

    • Phone interview tips

    • In person interview tips

    • Personal preparation so you know the company and interviewers


The Offer Stage

  • Negotiation

  • Counter-offer preparation


Relocation assistance

  • We partner with “Recruiter Relocation”, an excellent group of relocation coaches who can assist you throughout the entire relocation process

    • Gather necessary real estate information










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